Linux on an Acer Travelmate 722 TX

Note: This might also apply to all Acer Travelmate of 700-series!

It is hard to find information how to install Linux on an Acer Travelmate especially, when you want to get work the sound, X-windows with a nice resolution and the installed WinModem. This document tries to summaries the installation for the Acer Travelmate 722 TX. As noted above this should also apply to any other Acer Travelmate of 700-series, but I could test it only on a 722 TX.

Furthermore, I used SuSE Linux 6.2 and updated the kernel from 2.2.10 to 2.2.13. I could not get the sound run with kernel version < 2.2.13 (which does not mean that it is impossible). X may be configured with XFree 3.3.4 and higher. The WinModem driver always complained about the wrong kernel version but works with kernel 2.2.13 (it requires kernel 2.2.12-20? So I use an install option in conf.modules).

The following description should only be used for SuSE Linux 6.2 with kernel 2.2.13 on a Acer Travelmate 722TX, although it might work on a different notebook with a different linux distribution or different kernel, too. But beware that changes might be necessary then!

  1. Configure X
  2. Configure sound
  3. Configure modem
  4. Configure pcmcia for network card
  5. Configure infrared port
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Last Update: 16.05.2000 by Markus Kohler